Charity celebrates vital contribution of sons and daughters of foster carers


The Fostering Network launches a month of celebrations this week, thanking the sons and daughters of foster carers for the vital contribution they make to fostering.

Sons and Daughters Month is the annual campaign from the charity that recognises the part that birth and adopted children play in welcoming fostered children into their families. Fostering services around the country will be holding events to celebrate the contribution of sons and daughters.

About half of fostering households have birth or adopted children still living at home and their presence can make a real difference to fostered siblings, helping them settle into their new home.

The potential impact on birth children is often considered a barrier to becoming a foster carer, however many children benefit from being part of a fostering family. Seeing life from another’s perspective can be an enriching experience and can help a child learn and develop as an individual.

Lauren, a daughter of foster carers, said: ‘I have learnt so much through my experience as a daughter of a foster carer. I’ve listened to their stories, supported them through heartbreaking times and now I want to do more for other young people in care.’

Reality TV star, Lydia Bright, has been part of a fostering family from her teens after her mum, and former TOWIE star, Debbie Douglas, became a foster carer. Lydia said: ‘Growing up in a foster family was fairly chaotic but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I have had so much love, companionship and wonderful memories throughout my childhood and I count myself very blessed.’

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, said: ‘The sons and daughters of foster carers are incredibly valuable members of any fostering household. Tonight over 64,000 children right across the UK will be living with a fostering family, and thousands of foster brothers and sisters will make them feel more at home, safer, happier and more loved. We thank them for their contribution.’

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