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We believe in the potential of children and young people. We work with 60,000 foster carers to help the 64,000 children living with foster families on any one day in the UK to aim high and achieve the very best they can. We believe that fostered children and young people deserve the same life opportunities as their peers, including stable and lasting relationships, educational achievement and a positive experience of family life. Your donation allows us to create change, lead practice development, promote fostering, and offer advice, information and support to fostered children, foster carers and the community of support around every child.

The Fostering Network is ambitious for fostered children and young people. We believe in their potential and want them to have every opportunity to flourish. This means we:

  • Provide opportunities for children and young people that benefit them, make their voices heard and enable them to reach their potential.
  • Promote foster care to ensure society understands, values and recognises how foster carers transform children’s lives.
  • Influence policy and the legislative framework so it supports and promotes excellence in foster care.
  • Support fostering families and the services that work with them to provide the best possible care for children and young people.

Our membership fees only cover one third of all that we do. That's why we need your help.

Your donation will allow us to:

Create change

We stand up for fostering, foster families and fostered children and campaign to make foster care better. Together with our members and supporters we’re a powerful catalyst for change, and have been leading the fostering agenda for more than 45 years. We influence and shape fostering policy and practice at every level.

Lead practice development

We develop and pilot new approaches to foster care, to ensure the very best for fostered children. For example, our innovative Mockingbird Family Model programme is introducing a new way of delivering foster care with the aim of creating and strengthening relationships, and improving the experience of care for children and their families. 

Promote fostering

Each year, our high profile Foster Care Fortnight campaign puts foster care in the media spotlight, and encourages more people to become foster carers, while our Fostering Excellence Awards celebrate fostering and the amazing role of foster carers.

Offer advice, information and support

Our expertise and knowledge are always up to date and available through our vital member helplines, publications, training and consultancy. Our website is an essential source of information, while our online community brings together thousands of foster carers day and night.

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