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Tick The Box: Education is an enabler

I had decided from an early age that I loved school. Even though I was bullied, and I never really made friends at school, it was always better than being at home. I loved learning, I loved reading and I loved my teachers. It was my escape.

By karina a on March,8th 2021

Tick The Box – unlocking support at university

Kelly exceeded her own beliefs when she left care and was accepted to study Sociology at the University of Sunderland. Since then, she’s gone on to do a master’s degree in Global Human Resource Management at Newcastle University and is now working at the Care Leaver Covenant, supporting care experienced students in further education.

By karina a on March,8th 2021

The difference Staying Put can make - a kinship foster carer's story

Kinship foster carer, Jenny, has overcome every hurdle with her grandchildren and is proud to see them thriving at university.

Jenny fought for the right to become a foster carer for her grandchildren, knowing it would help her to give them the best opportunities. A decade on and both her grandchildren are studying at university. Though there have been huge challenges in getting them there, the introduction of Staying Put in England and other support from the university have made it possible.

By Policy and Cam… on December,14th 2018

Campaigns blog - August 2018

Here's the latest news from our campaigns team, including how you can support our Tick the Box campaign and an update on the record-breaking response to our State of the Nation survey.

By Izzy Roberts on August,22nd 2018

Supporting care leavers in higher education

Universities across the UK are striving to engage more care leavers with higher education. Here Transitions Team leader at De Montfort University, Melissa Page, explains why this is so important and what her university is seeking to do to reach more care leavers.
By N B Lakhani on April,6th 2018

There’s so much more to university

The Fostering Network has a number of programmes focused on raising the educational aspirations and outcomes of fostered children and young people. Lisa Belletty is programme manager for one of those programmes, London Fostering Achievement, and discusses the issue of access to university for children in care.
By Foster Care Fo… on May,18th 2016