Something bad happened

Dr Dawn Huebner is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxious children. Her latest book Something Bad Happened guides children and the adults who care about them through tough conversations about serious world events in the news. Here she tells Daniel Sinclair about the book and her motivation for writing it

By DavidEggboro on March,19th 2020

Stable Homes Built on Love - One Year Later

Friday 2 February 2024 marked a year since the government’s publication of Stable Homes Built on Love (SHBL). The strategy sets out the government’s plans for reforming children’s social care in England. It was released as a response to the recommendations from multiple high-profile reviews produced in 2022 on children’s social care, including those in the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, led by Josh MacAlister. See our responses to the review.  

By IsobelMintz on February,19th 2024

Care leavers celebrated during #NCLW and #TickTheBox

At the end of October we celebrated National Care Leavers week to help raise awareness of the challenges young people face when they leave the care system. Chief executive at The Fostering Network, Sarah Thomas, summarises some of the events that took place to support NCLW, including our annual #TickTheBox campaign.

By JasmineR on November,14th 2023

Speaking to young people in foster care about periods shouldn't be taboo

Corinne Masheder is an occupational therapist who helps people overcome challenges so that they can live independently at home, at work and everywhere else, empowering people to participate in everyday life activities. 

Whilst at university earlier this year, she started to think about how occupational therapy could help children in care who face unfair barriers to participation in activities. One taboo topic came into focus – menstruation. She explains how without the right products and education, periods can be a particularly debilitating part of the month for young people in care.

By louiseventon on October,27th 2023