Share your story

Have you had an experience as a foster carer you would like to share? By sharing your story, you can help:

  • Raise the profile of foster care. Hearing from you can help people to understand, value and recognise how foster carers transform children’s lives.
  • Influence decision makers. Your story could be the evidence we need to campaign for real change.
  • Inspire people to support or donate to The Fostering Network. Together, we can make sure foster care is the best it can be.

Someone from The Fostering Network’s communications and public affairs team will be in touch to discuss your story further. Please note we will not necessarily be able to use every story our supporters share with us but we will keep the story on file to potentially use at a later date. You can read more about how we handle your data on our website: We will not use this information to contact you in other ways and will not pass on your details to any other organisation.