Independent Care Review (Scotland)

The Independent Care Review in Scotland has the aim of identifying and delivering lasting change in the care system and leaving a legacy that will transform the wellbeing of children and young people.

This provides an excellent opportunity to address the major issues facing the fostering system in Scotland.

The Promise  

Following the publication of the Independent Care Review’s reports in February 2020, The Promise Team took over to implement the review’s recommendations with the objective to keep the promise to improve the care system outlined in the reports. 

The Promise Team will publish their plan, once signed off by their oversight board, in January 2021. We therefore wrote to Fiona Duncan in November 2020 to outline the key areas we think need to be included in the plan to improve the care system for foster families in Scotland. 

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The Fostering Network also submitted a response back in January 2018 at the beginning of the review process which was structured into four interlinked areas:

  • the foster care system, which includes the way in which fostering is commissioned, delivered, regulated and inspected;

  • the foster care workforce, to include the status, role, and function of foster carers;

  • outcomes for children and young people in foster care; and

  • continuing implementation issues.


Read our submission to the care review