Today, The Fostering Network has launched a new report in partnership with NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) which looks at the experiences of children and young people who have grown up in foster care. The launch of ’This is My Home: Growing Up in Foster Care’ comes during Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest annual awareness-raising campaign for foster care.

More children will end up in unsuitable homes if thousands more foster families aren’t urgently recruited, according to new figures released by the UK’s leading fostering charity, The Fostering Network.

Across the UK there’s currently a shortage of 6,500 foster families – a figure which comes during Foster Care Fortnight (13 – 26 May), the charity’s annual awareness raising campaign. The numbers lay bare the recruitment crisis currently facing the fostering community as the number of children in care in the UK exceeds 100,000 (100,437) – the highest on record. 

Established in 2014, The Fostering Network’s State of the Nations’ Foster Care survey is the largest and most comprehensive study of the UK's fostering sector, representing the voices, thoughts and opinions of foster carers across the four nations.