Moving On

Moving On was a project supporting positive transitions through and out of foster care in Scotland from 2021-2023. This project has now ended but you can browse all the resources from the project below. 

The Moving On project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, has been doing supporting positive transitions through and out of foster care by focussing on three areas:

1. emotional wellbeing support for foster carers and their families 

2. exploring journeys and change with children and young people

3. supporting best practice through the Principles of Good Transitions

This project continues and embeds the work of our Keep Connected campaign.

Together, we can support one another to continue to provide the best care for the children in our homes and prepare them for their future.


Principles of Good Transitions

Please scroll to the bottom of this webpage to view and download our resources on the Principles of Good Transitions. 


Bringing the Principles of Good Transitions to life - Freya's story

To capture the stories that the Moving On project had been hearing throughout it's engagement with foster carers and children and young people with care experience across Scotland, three short videos were created. These videos follow Freya as she moves home.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Discussion Points on Freya's story

As you watch the three parts of Freya’s journey to a new home you might like to reflect on the questions below.

After each video:

· What stood out to you and why?

· What questions do you still have?

Part 1: T minus 5 minutes

· What made this transition child/person centered?

· How was the foster carer in the car feeling?

· How did the text from her social worker make her feel?

· Why do you think the foster carer says ‘We’re all doing this, or at least bits of it. So let’s share it when things go well, help each other. Let all use the same language, have the same understanding of what a good transition looks like...”?

Part 2: We have lift off

· What is the foster carer feeling throughout this journey?

· Why is it important to support foster carers’ wellbeing through a transition?

· What would you like to see happen next and why?

· If you were friends with/worked with this foster carer and her family, how might you support them at this time?

Part 3: Prepare to land

· Why is Freya seeing everything through the lens of her space helmet?

· How do you think Freya is feeling at the beginning and the end of the video? What clues do you notice about how she’s feeling?

· What helps her through the transition?

· How might the rest of Freya’s evening go?



We would love to hear how you use these resources, or any questions you may have. You can email us at


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A screenshot from the animated video 'Part 3: We have lift off' showing a small girl in a car being shown a text on her foster carers phone of a small girl, Freya, hugging a cat, Mr Whiskers in Freya's new foster home.
Mr Whiskers says 'hiya'
The cover of the Principles of Good Transitions Supplement report
The Principles of Good Transitions cover