As the leading fostering charity, The Fostering Network can draw on expertise from a range of fostering topics. We will work with you to create a package of consultancy to help your service achieve its aims and objectives.

All fostering services, regardless of size or location, have unrealised potential to enhance their service and provide greater benefit to looked after children in their care.

The Fostering Network can draw on over 45 years of shaping fostering practice across the UK, and a range of in-house and associate experts, to create a bespoke package of consultancy to empower your service to unlock the potential.

From a mystery shopping exercise of your service’s recruitment function to a full audit of your service to prepare for Ofsted, The Fostering Network can offer consultancy designed specifically to meet your service’s aims and objectives.

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We’ve wanted change in this area for a long time and the report has really been the catalyst.

Recruitment officer, local authority