Foster Walk

Foster Walk is back – and bigger than ever! Our annual sponsored walk is a chance for everyone to get involved in raising awareness and funds for foster care in the UK.  

Join us for Foster Walk 2023 as we also reach the milestone of walking with the fostering community for ten consecutive years. Together with your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues let’s make this our biggest walk yet.  


Foster Care Solutions taking part in Foster Walk

Celebrate #FosteringCommunities

Join Foster Walk 2023 and walk alongside hundreds of people across the UK during Foster Care Fortnight™, 15 -28 May.  

There are currently 70,000 children and young people living in foster care throughout the UK.  By walking with us, you’ll help raise support and funds for our vital fostering community and help make fostering the best it can be – whether it’s campaigning, offering support, advice, training and much more.  

While you can complete your Foster Walk at any time during the Foster Care Fortnight, we would love to see as many people as possible walk together as one by commencing their 5km journey on Saturday 20 May 2023 at 10am.  


Fundraising together

No matter where you live, how much or little you know about fostering, Foster Walk for everyone. It’s a great way to get involved in Foster Care Fortnight, learn more and spread the word about fostering.  

Simply sign up as a household or team, set your own distance challenge (or use those in our challenge packs) and begin planning your walk!  

You can raise money over Foster Walk by:  

  • organising a team challenge with your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues  

  • setting yourself a target and asking others to donate.This could be 70,000 steps over the fortnight, or if you wanted a bigger challenge, you could walk or 70km over the fortnight – this would be the equivalent of 5km a day  

  • donating to somebody you know who is taking part through our Just Giving page. 

Not sure how to take donations? Set up a Just Giving page here to collect and track donations online. 

You can also purchase our limited-edition Foster Walk t-shirts here



How to register as an organisation

Entering Foster Walk as a team is easy – you can download the Employers' Guide for further information and tips. Our guide also includes answers to frequently asked questions and customisable marketing materials to help you promote your own event.  

If you are entering Foster Walk as an organisation, please get in touch with us directly at and provide the following information: 

  • the number of employees in your team 

  • the name and address of your organisation 

  • if you would like to purchase Foster Walk t-shirts, please tell us the quantity and sizes needed. 

We will get back to you to confirm a bespoke registration fee (offering a reduced rate for larger teams) and our t-shirt availability. 



For your registration you will receive...


Derby CC Foster Walk

A team from Derby City Council combined their walk with an awareness raising event in a local park, even painting a huge recruitment message on the sports field.