A heartfelt thank you from Kevin Williams

Well what a year it’s been!

I did not expect us to be running Foster Care Fortnight virtually for the second year in a row but here we are and as CEO of The Fostering Network I am writing to say a huge thank you for all of your fostering efforts over the last year.

Saying thank you somehow doesn’t cover how truly honoured I am to be part of a community that supports so many children and young people to achieve their dreams, to feel safe and cared for. Thank you.

I know that you as foster carers have had to face many challenges from contact, to home schooling. From 24-hour care with no breaks to beginning to help young people re-enter the world of school. Thank you.

I know many of you will have shed tears and shared laughter. Would have managed anger, sadness, joy, and happiness. Thank you.

We have all learnt more about video calls than any of us might have dreamt of… or even wanted to… but you have helped young people maintain contact with friends and family. Anecdotally for some young people I hear that contact has become more flexible, more appropriate and on their terms. Again, thank you.

We have all learnt much during the last year and I hope that for many they have learnt how valuable foster care is. How important the role of foster carers is. How foster care transforms children’s lives. Again two small words but with a heartfelt pride for all that foster care does THANK YOU.