‘I was hooked and never looked back’: How 18-year-old Reece’s foster carers supported his dreams to study drama

Reece, 18, has been living with his foster carers, Jim and Jem, for the past seven years. We had a chat about his experience of foster care and his plans to pursue his dreams in studying drama. 

You mentioned that you have been living with your current foster carers for the past seven years. How would you describe your fostering experience? 

First of all, I would say that the years have gone by really quickly! I’ve had an amazing experience living in foster care and it’s something I never thought I could have as a younger child. I’ve been given so many opportunities, help and support during this time. I’m grateful for everything my foster carers have given me. 

That’s wonderful to hear you have so many good memories from this time. What kind of support have you received from Jim and Jem? 

There has been so much. Especially when it has come to advice around my education, as well as helping me out with other important decisions in my life.  

You are currently studying to secure a place studying drama at university. Can you tell us more about that? 

I’m currently in my last year at college and my plan is to go to university to study later this year. I’ve applied at two different universities to study and should find out whether I have been offered places there by the end of May. 

I got into drama when my foster carers saw potential in me. They helped me to find and join an acting club to see if I’d enjoy it. After attending the club and auditioning for a play, I was hooked and have never looked back. I really enjoy acting, because it allows me to play other persona’s and challenges me outside of my comfort zone. 

You describe what fantastic foster carers you have. What qualities would you say make a good foster carer?  

To me a great foster carer is someone who is kind, a loyal person and there for you no matter what. I think a foster carer should be very honest and to the point, which both my foster carers are with me. We don’t hide anything and are open and honest with each other – I think everyone needs someone like this in their life.  

If you could give a piece of advice to other young people in foster care, what would you say to them?  My advice would be that the most important thing is to be happy and safe.

I would say to always be open with the foster carer you are with and to trust them, which is a really important thing.  

A headshot of Reece standing in front of a blank wall