Quality Assurance Support Package – England

The Fostering Network is committed to supporting fostering services’ continuous quality assurance, essential to ensure high quality services to provide good outcomes for children and achieve the highest Ofsted rating. The Quality Assurance (QA) Support Package, containing forms, checklists and a manager's handbook, provides fostering service managers in England with all the tools they need to achieve continuous quality assurance. 

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In England, the fostering regulations, National Minimum Standards (NMS) and statutory guidance, as well as the inspection framework launched by Ofsted, all highlight the importance of a robust approach to quality assurance. 

The Fostering Network's Quality Assurance (QA) Support Package, developed exclusively for members of The Fostering Network, has been designed to meet the needs of managers of fostering services and others with a quality assurance role in England. 

The full support package contains: 

  • a handbook clarifying the role and responsibilities of fostering service managers in England, including the actions they need to take to meet the regulations, NMS and statutory guidance; 

  • a guide to policies and procedures that an English fostering service is required to have in place to comply with regulations, statutory guidance and NMS; 
  • a framework for undertaking and recording regular quality assurance audits; and 

  • a set of tools, including a quarterly executive reporting template, as well as pro formas and templates to support the operation of the fostering service in line with regulations, NMS and statutory guidance. 


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To ensure fostering service manager's fully benefit from the QA materials available, we offer two days' virtual consultancy costing £850 +VAT per day covering: 

  • an initial telephone discussion to agree the scope of the implementation; 

  • an introduction to the tools; 

  • assistance with reviewing existing quality assurance systems against the regulations, NMS and statutory guidance; 

  • support to audit a sample of records as part of quality assurance, including direct examination of selected records; and  

  • assistance with developing an action plan for improvement. 


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